Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Demise of the Chemistry Blog

Blogs come and blogs go. I know that. Mine has been defunct for almost two years. But so have many other chemistry blogs that I used to have in my blog list. Some have stopped blogging, some have joined forces with other blogs and some have just disappeared completely. I went through my blog list and pulled out all of the defunct blogs. I don't want Carbon Tet to be included in this list! I wonder if any of these blogs will wake back up? Regardless, CT is alive. Stay Tuned!

Defunct Chemistry Blogs

A Synthetic Environment
Atom Pushers Anonymous


milo said...

Sorry, Chemical Musings is gone and forgotten (till about 3 minutes ago :-)

My latest endeavor is an on again and off again. Having a job tends to kill the free time ....

Kutti said...

Hi! Good to see that you and your blog is back! I am looking forward to new and interesting posts.
I am afraid to say that is not going to be back anytime soon. I started another blog ( but also on that one, I was not very active recently.